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Welcome to the GPCRs - Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2022!

The inaugural GPCRs - Targeted Drug Discovery Summit has been established to tap into new drug discovery opportunities in undrugged and orphaned GPCRs by better understanding the complex signaling GPCR pathway, leveraging new structural and genetic data as well as, emerging screening tools and technologies and up and coming modalities.

Discover data driven case studies that showcase the challenges, learnings and takeaways currently being faced by large pharma, biotech and academia who are innovating their discovery and development approaches to drug a wider spectrum of clinically relevant but poorly characterized or undrugged GPCRs across a broad range of therapeutic areas such as oncology, age-related diseases and beyond.

Whether you are looking to harness the power of structural biology tools or emerging technologies, join fellow directors, heads and VPs of drug discovery, structural biology, and pharmacology at the GPCRs - Targeted Drug Discovery Summit - the most comprehensive and dedicated scientific and networking forum for innovative biopharma and research institutes to seize the therapeutic opportunities of GPCRs.

“The topics selected for the meeting are at the forefront of GPCR research. Combining perspectives from academic researchers with pharma researchers ensures that the best approaches and methods are utilized for tackling this target class to treat human diseases”


Juan Jose Fung
Principal Scientist

GPCR Therapeutics

What You Can Expect

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