Welcome to the 2nd GPCR-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit

Whilst it is estimated 30% of FDA approved drugs in market target GPCRs, approximately only 25% of the druggable GPCRs have been tapped into. This presents a significant opportunity to unlock the remaining the 75% to develop novel drugs with high therapeutic impact for the GPCR class in numerous indications.

Join over 80 industry experts across 3 comprehensive days with 3 deep-dive pre-conference workshops and 2 jam-packed GPCR-dedicated conference days;

  1. Acquire a bespoke update on the most innovative and novel GPCR drug discovery research from some of the leading academic institutions and thought leaders in the GPCR space over the last 20 years, with individual talks from Bryan Roth, Graeme Milligan, Sudarshan Rajagopal, and Greg Tall

  2. Uncover the latest developments in screening platforms and structural assay tools that are enhancing industry’s ability to select GPCR targets efficiently from GPCR libraries and design and optimize suitable ligands to target said GPCRs with insights from Septerna, DOMAIN Therapeutics, and Confo Therapeutics

  3. Explore the industry innovation and academic progress that is fuelling interest in allosteric modulation as the most promising alternative to traditional agonist and antagonistic GPCR modulation with presentations from Karuna Therapeutics, Duke University, Pathios Therapeutics, & Eli Lilly within an allosteric dedicated session on day one

  4. Review the unknowns on orphan GPCR drugs and prepare to be enlightened on the potential residing in the dark target space which both represent highly transformative targets for drug discovery as Orion Biotechnology and UNC School of Medicine take to the stage

  5. Boost your all-round understanding of GPCRs ahead of the main conference with 3 carefully tailored pre-conference workshops. Harness GPCR experts Greg Tall and Sudarshan Rajagopal’s insights into adhesion and chemokine receptors to inform your next potential GPCR target. Acquire in-depth knowhow into allosteric modulation and how it can be manipulated to develop novel drug candidates in workshop B with Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan

“A truly great opportunity to hear the latest advancements in GPCR field in such a collaborative environment”
Travere Therapeutics