“New companies are developing new technologies and approaches. This is a chance to develop win-win partnerships”

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Graeme Milligan
Professor of Biochemistry
University of Glasgow

Christel Menet

Confo Therapeutics


“I see the opportunity to increase my knowledge in the area and be aware of the latest developments and I also see a great opportunity to increase my network of companies and experts in the field”

“Several breakthroughs over the last few years in GPCR biased pharmacology, structural biology and drug discovery have resulted in a resurgence of interest in GPCRs as drug targets – bringing the top GPCR scientific community together is key to discover novel and impactful medicines”


Peter McNamara
SVP & Head of Research

Tectonic Therapeutic

Michael Hanson



“We are in the middle of a second golden age for GPCR pharmacology driven by advances in imaging, computation and assay technology. Meetings like this that bring together thought leaders in technology and drug discovery and development from industry and academia will help all of us in the industry take advantage of this new knowledge”

“The topics selected for the meeting are at the forefront of GPCR research. Combining perspectives from academic researchers with pharma researchers ensures that the best approaches and methods are utilized for tackling this target class to treat human diseases”


Juan Jose Fung
Principal Scientist

GPCR Therapeutics

Naomi Handly
Head of Platform


Naomi H

“The GPCR field is incredibly wide - both biologically and in drug development. By participating in a conference like this we can find strands of common information across many diverse fields that can push our respective work forward”