Panel Discussion: The Future of Biologics to Develop Next Generation GPCR-Targeted Therapeutics

Time: 9:00 am
day: Day Two


Biologics offer great potential in developing therapeutics targeting GPCRs due to their high affinity, selectivity, and long half-life. While many antibodies to GPCRs are in clinical trials and two antibodies have been FDA approved, further effort is needed to promote the rate of advancement of biologics targeting GPCRs. We will discuss the current challenges and solutions to enable rapid identification, precision engineering and selection of highly specific antibodies to transform GPCR drug discovery

  • How to develop of highly selective and specific biologics that recognize conformational determinants leading to novel GPCR therapeutics?
  • How to increase hits with consideration for receptor cross reactivity?
  • How to improve immunogenicity and enhanced efficacy and safety of novel antibodies?