Variation in GPCR Signaling: Implications for Drug Discovery

Time: 10:00 am
day: Pre Conference Focus Day


  • Leveraging data from diverse species to infer selectivity determinants of GPCR-G protein binding, which is critical to elicit the right intracellular response
  • Utilizing data on completely sequenced genomes of over 60,000 individuals from the human population to gain insights into natural receptor variation, which can result in variable drug response
  • Studying transcriptome data from over 30 different tissues in humans, one could begin to understand how alternative splicing creates diversity in GPCR signaling components, which may contribute to tissue-specific differences in receptor signaling
  • Understanding variation at these different dimensions, i.e., across different species, among different individuals of a species, and between tissues of a species, can provide a rich source of new hypotheses with implications for personalized medicine, drug development and understanding basic receptor biology