M. Madan Babu

M. Madan Babu

Company: St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Job title: Chair of Biological Data Science


Variation in GPCR Signaling: Implications for Drug Discovery 10:00 am

Leveraging data from diverse species to infer selectivity determinants of GPCR-G protein binding, which is critical to elicit the right intracellular response Utilizing data on completely sequenced genomes of over 60,000 individuals from the human population to gain insights into natural receptor variation, which can result in variable drug response Studying transcriptome data from over…Read more

day: Pre Conference Focus Day

Panel Discussion: Leveraging Human Genetics for Hit-to-Lead Optimization & Effective GPCR-Target Discovery 12:00 pm

Creating target discovery platforms based on genetic human data for better hit-to-lead optimization is at the forefront of early drug discovery pipelines across biotech and pharma industries. We will explore the learnings from Regeneron’s key candidate GPR75 and how to inform, develop and expedite the drug discovery process for clinical success. Leveraging the UK Biobank…Read more

day: Day One

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