Welcome to the 3rd GPCR-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit

As recent advances in the discovery of GPCR-targeted small molecules and biologics significantly expand the druggable target space, the 3rd GPCRs-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit returns with 3 days of jam-packed insights, including two brand-new tracks of content to address your burning GPCRs questions including but not limited to:

  • What is the GPCR commercial and investor opportunity?
  • How to employ advanced technology to streamline hit-to-lead generation of small molecules and biologics?
  • How to characterize the complex dynamic confirmations of GPCRs?
  • How to ensure selectivity and potency of GPCRs-targeted drugs?
  • How can we comprehensively expand the repertoire of druggable GPCRs targets, including orphan GPCRs?
  • How to fast-track IND-filing & accelerate the progression of novel small molecule and biologic candidates into the clinic?

Uniting 100+ drug hunters from Discovery, Biology, Chemistry, Protein Engineering and Pharmacology departments of biopharma, make sure you don’t miss out on joining 100+ pioneers at the 3rd GPCRs-Targeted Drug Development Summit to accelerate and de-risk your small molecules & biologics pipelines and address unmet clinical needs of patients in oncology, metabolic disorders, CNS and beyond!

5 Reasons Not to Miss Out in 2024:

Streamline lead-generation as we unlock the potential of advanced computing platforms with insights from Sosei Heptares, InterAx Biotech & Generate Biomedicines

Leverage structural and biophysical insights to characterize dynamic confirmations and highly selective and efficient candidates with insights from Novartis, Domain Therapeutics & Northwestern University

Uncover the protocols that are fueling the development of emerging GPCR-targeted modalities including VHH, peptide agonists and biologics with insights from DJS Antibodies, Eli Lilly & Amgen

Address the complex unknowns surrounding deoprhanization as elucidate the structure and function of orphan GPCRs with insights from Pfizer & Abilita Therapeutics

Advance and de-risk novel discovery pipelines within oncology, CNS and immunology with a deep dive into the learnings of pre-clinical and clinical candidates with insights from AstraZeneca, Gilgamesh Pharmaceutical & Amgen