Here is What Some of the Leaders of the Field Have to Say About this Meeting:


“This meeting provides a valuable opportunity to discuss exciting science, novel technologies, and valuable experiences with GPCR drug discovery experts across diverse scientific disciplines”

Chris De Graaf, Senior Director & Head of Computational Chemistry, Sosei Heptares


“GPCRs represent one of the last, largely untapped, frontiers for antibody-based therapeutics. GPCR research poses unique challenges, and this conference allows scientists from all sides of the GPCR world to come together, connect and share ideas and experiences”

Dale Starkie, Director, DJS Antibodies/AbbVie


I am interested in seeing how advances in AI/ML and latest compute methods are affecting GPCR drug discovery. This meeting is shaping up to be the next frontier and will hopefully capture salient aspects of this paradigm shift

Ajay Yekkirala, Co-Founder, Senior Vice President & Head of Discovery, Superluminal Medicines

uni of glasgow

“The focus on how genetic information on natural mutations, and how machine learning and the capacity to screen, at least in silico, billions of molecules might be translated to their assessment in appropriate models of human disease provides a forum that is rather distinct from many GPCR centric meetings”

Graeme Milligan, Gardiner Professor of Biochemistry, University of Glasgow

gpce thera

“This meeting will allow me to focus on critical tasks that are needed to successfully progress GPCR programs from target ID to clinical development”

Josephine (Pina) Cardarelli, Chief Scientific Officer & President of US Site Operations, GPCR Therapeutics


“I am excited to participate in a conference that is tailored to the needs of GPCR experts working in industry to collectively share the challenges and transformative discoveries that can impact drug discovery”

Laetitia Comps-Agrar, Senior Principal Scientist, Genentech