Join the 2nd GPCRs - Targeted Drug Discovery Summit to Unlock the Next Wave
of Clinically Relevant GPCR Targets!

Download the full event guide to streamline your GPCR target identification, increase the power of your validation, unlock the potential that resides with orphan drugs and dark targets, elevate your appreciation of bias signalling and harness the capability of allosteric modulation to turbocharge your GPCR drug discovery.

What you can expect...

  • 100+ Attendees
  • 30+ World-Class Speakers
  • 24+ Data-driven Case Studies
  • 8+ Hours Networking
  • 3 Workshops for Pre-Conference Day

Download your own copy of the brochure here to see the full 3-day program of unrivalled content.

This summit was a tremendous event with some of the best researchers and thought leaders
in the world.

University of Antwerp

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