Graeme Milligan

Graeme Milligan

Company: University of Glasgow

Job title: Professor, Deputy Head of College


Panel Discussion: Debating the Relevance of GPCR Dimers and Whether Signaling through GPCR Heterodimers is Pharmacologically Relevant 9:30 am

We acknowledge dimerization occurs, but what is the pharmacological relevance? Can you selectively target GPCR heterodimers using ligands that bind both dimers or monomers? How can we leverage experimental data on dimerization, computationally?Read more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: Which Modality to Choose? Debating the Implementation of Biologics vs Small Molecules 4:15 pm

With only 3 FDA approved antibodies and roughly 20 in development, what are the hurdles to showing efficacy in antibody drug development for GPCRs Will antibodies replace small molecules in the GPCR space? Are there indications where an antibody may fair better or equal to small molecules (oncology space?)Read more

day: Day One

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